Best 10 Logic Game Apps For Android And iOS

Logic games are best way to train your brain by solving logical puzzles. You could play logic game apps wherever you want whether you are at your home or in the office. However, these games are available for both free and paid subscriptions. If you want to enjoy amazing features, you have to buy the subscription as per your need and convenience. Despite all this, these games are suitable for each type of age group and can be used on android and iOS device.

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You could enjoy these games with your friends and relatives. As these games are logical games for completing each level you must have a strategic mind only after that you could be able to complete each level and earn more rewards. Although these games are best for your past times as it leads to build your mind and develop the power of taking nest step. However, these games are consists of stunning themes and landscape which attracts you to play more. As I accessed all of the apps, it would greatly assist me as I enjoy playing all these apps.

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Best 10 Logic Game Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Flow Free

    flow free Flow-free is one of the most popular logic game apps. This is a simple and addictive puzzle game that you would love to play. Although there are more than two thousand levels to play, you enjoy playing this more and more. It is just a simple game however, you just have to pair the same color and cover the entire board.

    There are ten different boards sizes as you. However, this game has colorful and clean graphics. Despite all this, this game has an amazing sound effects. You could also enjoy different packages such as bonus, classic, extreme, bridges, mania, and many more. It also provides an option to track each level in free play mode.

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  2. Roll the Ball

    roll the ballRoll the ball is one of the best gaming apps. You could thought-provoking brain teaser that improves your ability and hand-eye coordination. This game is simple and highly addictive. However, there are more than three thousand challenges levels to solve.

    Although this puzzle game app provides you hints to solve the level. As such, there is no penalty, and time limits are available in this game, you could enjoy it at your own pace. By completing the level you would get an exciting reward. Although you just have to slide the tiles to make the route for the ball to reach the goal.

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  3. Fruit Ninja

    fruit ninja Fruit Ninja is one of the fantastic logic gaming apps. You just have to use a knife blade to cut the different fruits that are showing on the screen. However, you could challenge yourself and also see how long-lasting you are in classic mode. Although set a high score in Arcades or you could use Zen mode for testing your fruit-slicing skills.

    This game has a wide range of blades and dojos that helps you to cut fruits. You could also earn or get amazing rewards. You could be able to collect coins and with that coins, you could be able to purchase blades for cutting fruit slices.

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  4. Temple Run 2

    Temple run2

    Temple run 2 is one of the coolest gaming apps. However, this game is one of the most playing games. Although the game has more than zillion downloads. However, this game has beautiful and amazing new graphics. This game is consists of a gorgeous new organic environment that attracts you to play more.

    Although this game has a great variety of obstacles so that you never get bored of it. However, this game is offered by Imangi Studio. And this game is consists of more powerups and more achievements. Despite all this, it contains amazing rewards and features so that you could unlock new heroes, tools, and much more.

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  5. Subway Princess Runner

    subway princess runner

    Subway princess runner is one of the amazing logic game apps. This is a snow subway theme game. Although this is an influent screen touch game which makes you engage more in this game. However, you could unlock many levels and also gain or collect experience by completing missions or boxes.

    Although you could be able to grind trains with your cool crew. You could dodge the oncoming trains, buses, and more obstacles. Despite all this, scores multiple is related to the level. Although highest scores with responsive control, dodge in advance. You could also be able to learn to use a prop, upgrade it to increase power-up duration.

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  6. Cooking Madness

    cooking madness

    Cooking Madness is one of the wonderful gaming apps. You could dash from restaurant to restaurant on this magical map. Although you could be able to discover many different new restaurants. However, you would get or earn huge tips and combos when you are showing up your skills of cooking. It can also be used as a cooking game app to learn cooking and start a virtual restaurant.

    By collecting enough key cards you would unlock new restaurants. Although you could become a famous chef by upgrading your kitchen and level up. However, by completing each level you could be able to earn amazing rewards and coins which you could use for unlocking new features.

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  7. Brain It Out!

    brain it outBrain it out is one of the stunning logic game apps. This game consists of dozens of brains busting physics puzzles. There are multiple ways to solve each puzzle. Although you could be able to share your unique solution and compare them with your friends. It can also be used as a family game app and start playing games with your family members.

    However, you could be able to find a large number of players created free level every day on the community screen. Although all the levels can be unlocked for free by completing the previous level and earning stars from them. You could also be able to compete with your friends on the brain it on.

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  8. Infinity Loop

    infinity loop

    Infinity loop is one of the finest gaming apps. This is a fun way of increasing your logic skills. However, this is a puzzle game that creates intricate looping or the concept of matching things. Although this game is also available in dark mode. You just have to connect the lines and comes to make a perfect connection. You can also use it as a multiplayer game app to play games with your friends.

    Despite all this, this game is consists of infinite levels so that you never get bored from playing. Although you could also see videos related to the video on-site and as well as on youtube.

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  9. Harmony

    harmony Harmony is one of the greatest games ever. However, this game is quite simple and easy to play. Every age group of people enjoys this game. All you just have to do is tapping the square. And these squares would glow when you tap on them. By taking line as the reference to mirror the music notes and creates beautiful symmetric.

    Although this game has a large variety of instruments, you could be able to choose any from them. Despite all this, it is the best way to overcome anxiety as it reduces stress. It is a piece of smart music reminiscent of a guitar hero where you must reflect the music by tapping free square.

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  10. Maze


    Maze is the second most popular logic gaming apps. Although it is easy to play as you just have to swipe up to guide the light through the maze and find the exit. however, this game is a single-player mode game, you could reach in advance by complete each level. There are four types of maze i.e. square, triangle, hexagonal and circular.

    This is a fun board game app as such there is no need for an internet connection, you could play this game anywhere. Although it provides thousands of questions in various difficulties. It also supports your ranking, accomplishment, and multiplay. And you could explore more than three thousand mazes.

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