Best 10 Construction Simulator Games For Android And iOS

Construction simulator games for Android and iOS are the best games. As with these games, you could also gain your builder base and encourage competitive skills. In these games the level of difficulty increases as by the stage. With these types of games, you easily relate this with real-life as for building the new house you have to do struggle and then build your favorite dream house.

So you could also install any of the apps on your device and take advantage of their amazing features. As I personally accessed all of the apps, it would greatly assist me as I enjoy playing all these apps. Although all these apps having different and coolest features which you love to access and enjoy it.

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You could also enjoy these apps with your friends, relatives, and family member. You could also unlock many features by using gold coins or cash. Despite all this, you would be able to build the house of your dream. These games are best for your free time as they build your knowledge and it is also valuable.


Best 10 Construction Simulator Games For Android And iOS

  1. City Island 3

    City Island 3

    City Island is one of the brilliant apps. Although you could be able to unlock the building and build it as per your choice. As you just have to start with constructing a house then expand it to a village then build a city and try to build a metropolis. Although you just have to balance the number of people, jobs, happiness point.

    It is easy to play building sim. It offers for free as well as available for purchase. Despite all these, you could build and decorate a wonderful island on your own as there are many items available for recreating the island. You could be able to run this app offline also.

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  2. Clash of Clans

    Clash of Clans

    Clash of Clans is one of the best apps for construction simulator games. You could enjoy this game on both android and ios. In fact, you could be able to play this game with your friends, family, or your own. Through this, you can build your builder base as well as competitive skills.

    You could be able to build your PVP experience with Friendly Challenges, friendly wars, and some special live events. You would be able to unlock one of the best characters. By training the army your could defeat your enemy easily.

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  3. Village City

    Village city

    Village city is one of the fantastic apps. You could be able to create challenges in your own virtual paradise. Although two types of currency are available i.e. gold and cash. You could find pirate chests around your island, containing cash or gold. It can be used as perfect family game apps to play with your family members.

    Although the best thing in this game, you would translate language easily and in many types. You could help your citizen to build a city and explore the beach on this wonderful island. This is an age-independent story. And you could speed up construction or upgrade time by using gold.

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  4. Super City

    super citySupercity is one of the finest apps. Although in this app you could create luxurious villas, playgrounds, coffee shops, splashing fountains, and lots more. You could also organize filming a reality show. This app is available for free and paid subscription. This app contains some super features like you would arrange a beach for a volleyball tournament.

    You could harvest crops and gains other material to craft new goods to trade with. You could play this game with your friends and also help each other out. Despite all this, it contains beautiful graphics with great color and style.

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  5. Dream City

    Dream City

    Dream city is one of the amazing apps. In this app, you could grow industries to become world-class city builders. You could also construct civic buildings that provide services to help run your vast megalopolis.

    Although there is a function of designing a living, breathing city building. There is also some friendly character like Rachel, Chief, and Staff. The best feeling is when you watching people building their families in the house that you develop.

    There are also some features to build bridges to expand your city towards the horizons. Although with the city grows you find many of neighbors. You might discover mysterious landmarks as when you build into the unknown.

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  6. Paradise city

    Paradise City Paradise City is one of the coolest games ever. This app is developed by Sparkling Society. With this game, you could be able to design your dream house on this exotic and tropic island. Start with some farmland on this island to build a beautiful metropolis island. When starting this game you would start on small land then build it into a city and furthermore. To get full profit, you have to ensure that your citizens are happy enough.

    However, there are many challenges on different platforms like the desert, snow, and many more. This game is available in both online and offline modes. You could build your own tropical paradise city. It is highly addictive in a good way.

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  7. City Mania

    City Maina City Mania is one of the brilliant apps as you could build a city or a beautiful building with hundreds of unique crafts and expands it into a peaceful metropolis. it also has the feature of decorating the city with famous landmarks like the Eiffel tower and many more. This apps is one of my favorite apps and I love to play it.

    Although you could also meet and collect tons of funny characters with different personalities. You would also assign jobs to the city people like for running fire truck you could assign a driver. Unlocking levels allow you to develop your city in a different direction like towards commerce, sustainability.

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  8. From Farm To City: Dynasty

    from farm to city From farm to the city is one of the greatest construction simulator apps. You could play this app with your friends, neighbors. You could try to reveal the secret of your neighbor estates. Although you could play more than five hundred exciting quests.

    There is a function of building up a large number of unique game objects. You could also locate huge realistic land. Even though the most interesting thing you could also study the sales planning. There are also many interesting places to visit.

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  9. Elvenar Fantasy Kingdom


    Elvenar is one of the impressive construction simulator games ever. You could build your magical world in this game as there are many amazing features in it. There is an interesting feature of trading. You could trade with fellow players and merchants in the marketplace. It is a two player game app which can be played with your friends and family members.

    You could advance your civilization by upgrading your building to supply the growing population. Inviting people by creating houses for dwarves, fairies, dragons, and other charming fantasy races. It is free to download however there are some features you can purchase.

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  10. Townsmen

    townsmen Townsmen are one of the best construction simulator games. It is free to play. You would be able to develop a tiny village into a great medieval empire with a thriving economy and happy villagers. There are many cute inhabitants which have their own routines. It has an optional feature military with bandits and soldiers. As it has many meaningful seasonal and weather effects.

    Despite all this, there are many diverse scenarios and challenging tasks. It consists of terrible disasters like fire, disease, drought, etc. Despite all this, there are lots of different towns and production buildings. And the main thing is an there is no restriction on sandbox gameplay mode. It also supports tablets. I personally go through this game and it is amazing.

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